13 HP Engine Driven Mist Blower

Powered By Honda 13HP Engine 66" L 36" W 40" H

Northern Ag Mist Sprayers feature 12 Ga. galvanized frame construction. With galvanized construction there is no paint to peel or rust. Spray up to 120 feet without Booms.

50 gallon PCO tank. Unit features 4 or 6 roller or diaphragm pumps. Unit includes 12 inch fan with crimped safety rings rotating 210 degrees from side to side so you can spray either left or right or any angle in between.

Mist sprayers use 1/10 the water compared to a boom sprayer. Mist Sprayers provide one of the most efficient ways of applying chemicals with more uniform coverage at a much lower cost compared to other application methods.

Easy fill & easy cleaning standard 50 gallon PCO tank.comes with oil filled pressure gauge. Electric on and off flow control, The unit includes a 12 volt electric actuator as standard equipment.

Get Uniform Distribution WITHOUT BOOMS! •Vegetable/Fruit Spraying - Sweet Corn - Pumpkins - Tomatoes - Strawberrys - Watermelons - Cucumbers •Wind Breaks - Road Ditches - Ravines - Brush - Trees •Pasture and Range Control - Livestock and Insect Control •Fly Control - Mosquito Control {West Nile Virus} •Broadcast and Row Crop Use - Vineyard and Orchards •Spray Insecticides - Herbicides and Fungicides •Foliar Fertilizer Applications. This is the most efficient way of applying chemicals. ALL WITHOUT BOOMS!

Options On Eqipment

  • Remote On & Off Flow Control
  • 50 Gal. PCO Tank 
  • Honda Engine
  • Fan Rotation 12 Volt Electric Actuator
  • Remote Control
  • Hand Gun With 12 Foot Hose
  • Remote Start
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Variable Speed Throttle
  • Tow Package (Optional)
  • Electric Start

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