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Northern Ag Mist Sprayers

Get Uniform Distribution: Without Booms

3P PTO Driven Mist Blower

3 Models to Choose From:

Model 3P-50

  • 50 Gallon Unit
  • 405 lbs Dry Weight
  • 54" L, 37” W, 55” H

Model 3P-100

  • 100 Gallon Unit
  • 440 lbs Dry Weight
  • 54" L, 37” W, 60” H

Model 3P-BL

  • No pump or liquid.
  • PTO-driven blower fan.
3P-50 (PTO)

Model: 3P-50 (PTO)

Product Photos:

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  • Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Fan Safety Rings
  • Heavy PTO Shaft
  • Lift Hooks
  • Hot-dip Galvanized Frame
  • Pressure Gauge
  • 6-Roller Pump
  • Cat I And II Hitch pins
  • Fork-lift handling pockets
  • Tank drain and sump


  • 12 volt actuator
  • 12-volt diaphragm pump
  • 7-roller pump
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Pioneer hose ends
  • Stainless-steel roller pump
  • Cat I & II Quick-Hitch pins

Northern Ag Mist Sprayers or Mist Blowers feature 10 gauge galvanized steel construction, The result is no paint to peel or rust. Spray up to 160 feet without Booms.

Fan rotation 210 degrees from side to side so you can spray either left or right or any angle in between with hydraulic or 12 volt electric actuator. Compatible with category I or II hitch pins.

50 or 100 gallon PCO tanks, 4 & 7 roller or 12 Volt Diaphragm pump. Construction includes 12 inch fan with crimped safety rings,

Easy fill & easy cleaning standard 50 gallon PCO tank. Optional 100 gallon PCO tank available, Oil filled Pressure gauge, electric on and off Flow control Valve. Pressure regulator on all standard equipment.

Mist sprayers use 1/10 the water compared to a boom sprayer, Mist Sprayers provide one of the most efficient ways of applying chemicals with more uniform coverage at a much lower cost compared to other application methods.

Get Uniform Distribution WITHOUT BOOMS!